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Choosing an Aircraft

Choosing your first aircraft is a matter of preference. How do you know which aircraft to buy with so many to choose from? There are a few factors you should consider.

If you’re a student pilot, your first experience with flight should not only be informative but also pleasant. So choosing an aircraft which can maximize your learning is a must.

How much you are willing to spend is a big factor in choosing an aircraft to learn to fly from.

Consider your budget when choosing your aircraft. Ask your local experts or your flight instructor for recommendations or read magazines and other resources for user reviews. You might also want to ask hobbyists and professionals about their opinions so you can make an informed decision on which aircraft to rent or buy. And of course, there is also the Internet, Google is your friend.

You probably will be flying a basic trainer when you begin your flying lessons, the aircraft will be small and and will seat only 2 people, one for the trainer and the other for the instructor, for most students, a trainer aircraft is enough.

Trainer aircrafts may seem a little bare because these aren’t the type that will come complete with bells and whistles. You get the basic functions but little else in terms of equipment. If you can afford it, get one of those 4-passenger aircrafts that have just enough room for you and your family or friends and enough comfort to make your flying much more pleasurable.

The Cessna 172, for example, can accommodate 4 passengers. It’s not a real trainer, but many flight schools trust its reliability to use it for their students, it is one of the most commonly used during instruction.

If you decide on a Cessna 172, read more about it here.

“Choosing what you want to do, and when to do it, is an act of creation.” – Peter McWilliams

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Hello world!

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